Making A Difference:
The Journey of Fertility Support Group


April, 2018

Lindsay Griffin, LCSW
Group Leader & Facilitator

At Reproductive Associates of Delaware, we celebrate diversity and understand that everyone’s path to parenthood is unique. It is important to know you are not alone. The purpose of the Make a Difference series is to highlight the dedicated organizations and individuals in the community available to help you on your journey.

Our patient community is filled with extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Recently, Lindsay Griffin, an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Delaware recognized the lack of resources in the area and decided to launch a local support group to help connect women of all backgrounds on their journey through infertility. Her belief that women can find comfort in meeting others who experience similar feelings that fertility challenges can bring is the foundation of the support group. Her goal is to keep the first group intimate with 8-10 participants.

We had the opportunity to connect with Linsday Griffin, the Founder of The Journey of Fertility Support Group to learn more about her mission, some details of the group, and how she plans on making a difference.

The support group will be lead by Lindsay Griffin, LCSW at Diamond State Counseling.

What is your role with The Journey of Fertility Support Group?

My role is the group leader and facilitator of the Journey of Fertility Support Group. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Delaware, with a history of practicing mental health services for nearly 7 years.

What inspired you to launch this new resource? 

Personally, I have come across my own challenges with infertility. I recognized from my own fertility journey the lack of resources available in the area. As a professional mental health therapist, I realized that I could help women by providing this type of service to those experiencing fertility challenges. Support groups are unique in bringing people from a variety of different backgrounds together that are having very similar and difficult life experiences. I believe this is very comforting to know that other women know what it is like and to address some of the feelings of isolation that fertility challenges bring. In this space, it is safe and encouraged to talk about all of the thoughts and feelings that are related to the challenges to working towards growing a family.

What are some topics of discussion that the group will address?  

In the sessions that I have outlined to guide the discussions of the group, I include bringing up how fertility challenges can impact relationships with a person’s significant other, the importance of practicing self-care when going through challenges with fertility, and a special session will devote time to understanding infertility as a significant loss and address the impact of experiencing a miscarriage.

What advice do you have for women facing infertility challenges?

Remember to take care of yourself! It is easy and understandable when experiencing fertility challenges to be hard on yourself. Often times an infertility diagnosis can make a woman feel that she is the source of why she cannot have children. Our bodies are complex and we cannot ascribe self-blame to something we did not choose or intend for ourselves. The other piece is to remember you are not alone and you don’t have to do it alone! Get connected to supportive persons while you are on this journey in order to not walk it by yourself. If unable to come in person to a support group, consider seeking out a therapist or get connected to other support groups online.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2018 with the support group?

As this will be my pilot group in 2018, I am really interested in providing a safe space for women to be able to openly talk to one another about the hard realities they are facing with trying to have children. I hope by giving women this space that it will help them feel more supported in their fertility journey. I also want to get their feedback on what else can be provided that would help them feel supported on their fertility journey.

Tell us something people might not know about Lindsay Griffin.
In addition to offering the support group, I also provide individual and couples therapy. I realize that every woman has a different starting place when seeking support. I always want to meet with people in a place that is most comfortable and supporting to her at that time.

Is there anything we didn’t mention that you feel is important for others to know about the support group? 

I am currently in the process of recruiting women who would like to participate in this support group. My goal is to keep the group small with 8-10 women participating. Once I am close to that number, the group will be held weekly for 10 weeks at the outpatient office I practice at, Diamond State Counseling. Women who are interested in details for signing up with the group and finding out about related costs can contact the office and request to speak to me. Once there is enough expressed interest, a date and time will be decided to meet the needs of the group.

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