RAD Step-It-Up IVF™ Program Success Rates Highlighted at World IVF Congress of In Vitro Fertilization Annual Meeting



Sue Carr, RAD Clinician and Nurse Practitioner, was recently selected to attend the 18th World IVF Congress of In Vitro Fertilization in Denmark to display her poster on Step-It-Up IVF™ success rates. The poster, Minimal Stimulation (MS-IVF) and single embryo transfer (SET) in good prognosis patients: More FSH may not be better, was shown at the meeting on September 30, 2015, with over 1,200 medical professionals in attendance.

Minimal-stimulation IVF is a less expensive, less physically demanding, and safer alternative to traditional IVF.

The poster, co-authored with Dr. Feinberg, Dr. Kovalevsky, and the RAD embryologists, highlights how pregnancy rates for Step-It-Up IVF™ are equal to traditional IVF, but with fewer frozen embryos. Step-It-Up IVF™, also known as MS-IVF, uses approximately half the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) medication of a traditional IVF cycle, which reduces both the cost of treatment and the physical toll on a patient’s body.

“We were pleased to showcase our Step-It-Up IVF™ data at the 18th World IVF Congress on In Vitro Fertilization,” said Sue Carr. “While we knew that our Step-It-Up IVF™ Program resulted in better pregnancy rates at a similar cost to multiple attempts of low-tech treatments such as ovulation induction (OI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI), MS-IVF has had limited acceptance in the United States. These results affirm that, through our Step-It-Up IVF™ Program, patients can have a success rate equivalent to traditional IVF, but with less stimulation medication.”

The RAD research team analyzed outcomes for 92 good prognosis patients comparing Step-It-Up IVF™ and traditional IVF outcomes. They concluded a high percentage of good prognosis patients undergoing Step-It-Up IVF™ achieved an ongoing pregnancy with one stimulation cycle when combined with fresh and/or subsequent frozen transfers using primarily SET. There were fewer total oocytes and blastocysts in the Step-It-Up IVF™ group, but ongoing pregnancy rates per transfer and cumulative pregnancy rates were equivalent to the traditional IVF group.

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