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Reproductive Associates of Delaware review summary

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0on Facebook,Dec 06, 2018
Catherine McCaffery

Great environment all staff is friendly

5on Google,Nov 28, 2018

I highly recommend Dr. Emelia Bachman. She is incredibly intelligent, talented and kind. She makes you feel welcome and well informed. The office staff are fantastic and the clinic staff are top-notch!! I always felt well taken care of and cared for.

0on Facebook,Nov 18, 2018

From the beginning our team was determined to find a way for my husband and I to complete our family. All the RAD staff was knowledgeable and truly cared for us. We wish we could have continued with them after our baby hit 12 weeks. We thank them daily in our prayers for giving us our beautiful baby girl!

0on Facebook,Nov 15, 2018
Kelly Ann

When I became a patient at RAD, my husband and I were skeptical. After years of failed attempts and five early losses, we felt that there was little hope for us. But the staff at RAD gave us hope that they would help us add to our family. Everyone from the front desk to the clinical staff was kind and compassionate. They each helped ease the pain of this seemingly endless battle. Dr. Bachman is not just an amazing doctor, but she treated us like we were close friends of hers, not just patients. We finally received a diagnosis for our fertility issues and we created a plan of action. We are currently 18 weeks pregnant via our first IVF transfer! They followed my pregnancy until 12 weeks and answered my countless calls and emails about everything that I could think of. They had a doctor on call 24 hours if I needed, which I often did. They gladly saw me for many emergency appointments to ease my mind. I just cannot say enough about my care at RAD and we will definitely be seeing them again in the future!

5on Google,Nov 02, 2018

As an LGBT couple Reproductive Associates of Delaware took the best care of both me and my husband while we were in their care. They were gentle and understanding with a staff that goes above and beyond their jobs. The staff all knows you by name and greets you with a smile when you walk in. I can't thank them enough for helping us have the chance of starting our family. 10/10 would recommend to any and all looking for reproductive health care.

5on Our Website,Oct 24, 2018

My journey with RAD began in 2006 when my husband and I had been unable to get pregnant on our own. After one ectopic pregnancy we decided to move forward with IVF. 12 years later and 4 successful embryo transfers in 2006, 2008, 2012 & 2016. We have been blessed with 4 beautiful children. We are so thankful for the dedication of the Doctors and staff at RAD! They were amazing during our journey! We are so thankful and will always consider RAD as family!

5on Google,Oct 07, 2018

Love my RAD family! They have been amazing in our IVF journey. All of them have been very supportive and caring from the doctors, nurses, receptionists and coordinators. Thankful for their passion on what they do!

5on Our Website,Oct 05, 2018

RAD is the most amazing team. I came here to get help with Endometriosis when my previous doctor was pushing me to have a hysterectomy at 25. Dr. McGuirk quickly went to work undoing all the wrong treatment I had been given and gave me options for my treatment going forward. All the ladies in the office are so kind and welcoming and helpful, especially Mari. She is such a blessing -she answers all my questions and takes care of all my concerns in such a kind and timely manner. Thank you RAD!

0on Facebook,Sep 14, 2018

We started going to RAD in August. After 2 years of TTC baby #2, and me knowing something was wrong, we went to our consult with Dr. McGuirk. After my appointment, we were told to have bloodwork done. By 5pm the SAME day, Mari called me with my results. Our journey is JUST beginning, but McGuirk and Mari always answer any questions I have, and I couldn't be more thankful for such an amazing team.

5on Google,Sep 08, 2018

The entire staff was very friendly and answered all of the questions my husband and I had. I would recommend them to anyone.

5on Google,Aug 30, 2018

Thanks to RAD, we have the most perfect addition to our family. The help and support the whole staff gave us was indescribable. We never once lost hope because of them. We will be forever grateful to each every person we worked with during our journey 💙

5on Google,Aug 28, 2018

I love my RAD family

5on Facebook,Aug 01, 2018

After being referred to RAD, I was nervous and excited to get moving in the right direction. I felt as though Dr. Bachman was as determined as I was to find answers and come up with a plan. The staff members were very kind and friendly. I was very fortunate to conceive with RAD and am expecting a baby in September. I don’t think anyone expects to struggle with infertility and this practice makes as easy as possible to come up with a plan that works for your life and schedule. I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with infertility.

5on Google,Jul 25, 2018

They are the most amazing team of doctors and care coordinators. After having started at another facility I was so happy to come to RAD. They are truly amazing, never make you feel like just a number and have empathy and compassion every step of the way. They also get the job done! Thanks RAD!

5on Google,Jul 23, 2018

We are really fortunate to have found Reproductive Associates of Delaware. Our doctor, Dr. Adrienne Neithard never gave up on us. She is such a wonderful lady and her smile always gave us the ray of hope we were just looking for. The clinicians team treated me with great care and patience and played a key role in our success. I highly recommend Reproductive Associates to anyone facing challenges to conceive.

5on Facebook,Jul 13, 2018
Beatriz Rodriguez

We had great experience working with RAD. Everyone we interacted with: doctors, nurses, clinician and staff were so caring, knowledgeable, professional and so very sweet. We really love them all and are forever grateful for helping us start our family!