The Krueck Family

Laura and Andrew Krueck felt defeated, but knew they could never give up. After a year and a half, they felt like the fertility specialist they were seeing wasn’t answering their questions. They had undergone several surgeries and ovulation induction/intrauterine insemination (OI/IUI) treatments without success. Frustrated, Laura read everything she could about infertility to try and find answers on her own.

“I was really into learning about everything, what it is that happens with your body when you ovulate, when you have intercourse, and what the process was,” Laura said. “I have a bookcase full of books.”

During her search, Laura found RAD’s website and filled out the physician-reviewed fertility assessment. Someone from RAD called her and scheduled an appointment for the couple. Their outlook changed almost immediately after stepping into the waiting room.

Feeling the Difference

After walking in the door, we looked at each other and we already felt 100% better,” Laura said. “Such a difference just from sitting in the waiting room, to how we were greeted, and the atmosphere. The people seemed happier, the patients seemed happier.”

Laura and Andrew met with Dr. Ronald Feinberg, and were amazed by his honesty and kindness.

“He was just wonderful—he gave us his undivided attention. We spent at least an hour with him,” she said. “We felt like he really cared about how we felt, what our goal was, why we were there and why we wanted to be parents.”

“He was just wonderful-he gave us his undivided attention. We spent at least an hour with him.”

Keeping Spirits Up

After an initial series of tests, the couple found their answer. A combination of factors was causing Laura’s infertility: she had high FSH levels and low AMH levels. And although she was only 31 years old, Laura had a low ovarian reserve and poor egg quality. Dr. Feinberg recommended surgery, followed by OI/IUI treatments to see how Laura’s body reacted.

During treatment, Laura said it was difficult keeping her spirits up around friends or family with children.

“When you have fertility issues, the hardest part is the roller coaster of emotions and keeping a smile on your face when you really just want to cry and curl up in a ball. If you are out and kids are all around, you just want to cry,” she said.

Next Step

The next step for Laura and Andrew was IVF. Laura did not respond well to the medication and her cycle had to be canceled, which devastated the couple. That was when Dr. Feinberg called to offer his support.

“That is something I will really always remember: it wasn’t just a nurse who called me to say that, Dr. Feinberg called me himself,” she said.

“He called to say, ‘We’re going to move on with this, don’t let it get you down, we’ll do it again, we’ll increase your doses, try not to let this discourage you.”

Laura and Andrew attempted IVF a second time with a higher dose of medication and ended up with three embryos. All three embryos developed into day 5 blastocysts. The couple chose to undergo a fresh single embryo transfer and freeze the other two embryos for future pregnancy attempts.

“I will never forget that morning when I checked my email. When we saw that all three made it, it was amazing,” she said. “We transferred one, and he is our son here today.”

Laura and Andrew’s son Oskar was born in August of 2013.

Reflecting on RAD

Laura and Andrew admitted the IVF process was difficult, but said the staff at RAD helped them through every step of the process.

“It was a hard, grueling process. The prize is so worth giving yourself four shots a day,” Laura said. “I would do it again in a heartbeat for another baby.”

“They are dedicated, that’s for sure, dedicated to their patients,” she added. “They are lifesavers, dream makers—just an all around wonderful practice.”

“They are dedicated, that’s for sure, dedicated to their patients. They are lifesavers, dream makers-just an all around wonderful practice.”

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