Step-It-Up IVF Program Success Rates Highlighted at the 2016 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress & Expo



Sue Carr, RAD Clinician and Nurse Practitioner, presented study results from her abstract on October 17 at the 2016 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress and Expo in Salt Lake City. This annual event highlights the top experts in reproductive medicine discussing the latest in reproductive care. One of the major themes of this year’s conference was affordability for IVF treatments. Treatment is often not covered by insurance and cost is a major obstacle to accessibility. RAD was honored to be selected as one of three oral abstracts featured for ASRM’s Access to Care Initiative.

The staff hosted a special send-off for Sue Carr, our RAD Clinician and Nurse Practitioner, before she left for Salt Lake City to present at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress and Expo.

The abstract, co-authored with Dr. Feinberg, Dr. Kovalevsky, Eileen Ramos, and the RAD embryologists, analyzed cumulative live birth/ongoing pregnancy rates and potential cost savings associated with Step-It-Up IVF and single embryo transfer (SET) in good prognosis patients. Step-It-Up IVF, also known as MS-IVF or Mini-IVF, uses approximately half the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) medication of a traditional IVF cycle, which reduces both cost of treatment and the physical toll on a patient’s body.

RAD is committed to SET and was recently cited by Dr. David Sable in Forbes as having the highest rate of single embryo transfer in the U.S. Data in several studies displays the average twin pregnancy costs about $100,000, including first year neonatal costs. This is compared to the average singleton pregnancy which costs about $13,000.

The RAD research team analyzed outcomes for 137 good prognosis patients comparing Step-It-Up IVF and traditional IVF single embryo transfer cycles. The 54 patients that utilized traditional IVF methods produced more eggs and embryos resulting in an 85% cumulative ongoing pregnancy rate. This is compared to 83 patients that underwent Step-It-Up IVF resulting in a 78% ongoing cumulative pregnancy rate. Despite the different protocols, the overall success rates were comparable displaying equivalent and high pregnancy rates for the two groups.

Both groups had cryopreserved embryos available for future use.

From Our Expert

Dr. Ronald Feinberg,
IVF Medical Director

“Mini-IVF, when combined with single embryo transfer, improves access to IVF care through significant cost savings but without sacrificing overall success rates.”

The cost of each treatment cycle was lower for the Step-It-Up IVF group. When cost savings were calculated, the mean for this group was 28% less than the traditional IVF group, an over $5,000 reduction in cost. In conclusion, Step-It-Up IVF combined with SET could be an appealing aspect of fertility benefits for employers and insurers who desire greater subscriber access to affordable IVF care.

Owen K. Davis, MD
President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

“Improving patient access to care is a vital issue for ASRM. These research studies show that our members are striving to explore scientific, economic and social solutions to improving access.”

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