Tubal reversal surgery is one option for fertility restoration to open and reconnect the fallopian tubes following a tubal ligation procedure.



Tubal reversal surgery is one option for fertility restoration to open and reconnect the fallopian tubes following a tubal ligation procedure.

What Is Tubal Reversal?

Tubal reversal is the process of restoring the fallopian tubes to their original state after a tubal ligation to try and achieve a natural pregnancy.

RAD’s tubal reversal program is unique because our Director of Reproductive Surgery, Dr. Barbara McGuirk, uses a laparoscopic (keyhole) approach. This method requires great technical skill, and is only carried out by a select group of reproductive surgeons in the US and around the world.


Is Tubal Reversal The Right Treatment?

Many people come to RAD looking for pricing information on tubal reversal, believing it is the least expensive way to start their family. However, for some women, IVF may be a better medical or financial option for them.

At RAD, our team of board certified reproductive endocrinologists perform a wide range of fertility treatments, including IVF. It can be difficult to discuss individual situations through email or by phone, so we encourage anyone interested in learning more about our other fertility treatment options to schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors.


Why We Use A Laparoscopic Approach

Dr. McGuirk will meet with you to understand your individual situation before moving forward. Factors such as how your tubal ligation was performed, your age, overall health, pregnancy history, weight, body mass index and any history of gynecological problems will determine whether a tubal reversal will be successful. In addition to asking you these questions, we will take the following steps:

We’ll confirm your male partner is fertile through a semen analysis.
A male’s previous fertility history is no guarantee of his current fertility. We strongly recommend that a semen analysis on your partner be carried out ahead of time.

Our clinical staff will perform a full pelvic examination.
We recommend you undergo a thorough examination and pelvic ultrasound by one of RAD’s clinician staff. In addition, we recommend a specialized ultrasound — saline sonohysterography — to make sure the inside of your uterus is normal.

We’ll make sure your ovaries are functioning normally.
We recommend certain hormone tests early in your menstrual cycle (cycle day 3), to ensure your ovarian reserve is normal. If you have irregular cycles, that problem should be discussed with our clinical staff.

We’ll test your fallopian tubes using an x-ray dye test.
In order for tubal reversal to be successful, the portion of your fallopian tubes connected to your uterus needs to be normal and have a reasonable length. We can test your fallopian tubes using an X-ray dye known as a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). Knowing whether the dye flows easily into your fallopian tubes is very important information, and Dr. McGuirk’s consultation with you focuses closely on the results of your HSG.


Frequently Asked Questions About Tubal Reversal At RAD

What is the cost of tubal reversal at RAD?
Tubal reversal is not usually a procedure covered by insurance. The price for a tubal reversal at RAD includes a $150 nonrefundable consultation fee. The total cost of the procedure is approximately $8,800, not including the cost of the consultation.

How much time does the testing take?
All testing can be performed within a one-week window after your menstrual cycle has stopped. If you live near one of our offices, our coordinators will accommodate your schedule and inform you in advance of the time required for each test.

Can all testing be performed at RAD, including blood tests?
All tests except the HSG are performed in our office. The HSG is performed in the radiology department of Christiana Care Hospital, which is in the same building as our office. RAD clinicians perform the HSG procedure in together with hospital radiology staff.

Do these tests need to be performed at RAD?
No. If you live far from our office, our coordinators will help you carry out tests closer to your home, and can show how to forward the results to RAD.

Do you perform semen testing?
Yes. Our lab can carry out detailed semen analyses. If you live within an hour of our Newark or Dover offices, your partner can collect a sample at home, and either you or he can bring the sample to our lab. Men can also collect a sample at our Newark office, where it is analyzed immediately.

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